ABOUT GOD'S LITTLE ONES - God's Little Ones Brochure
We are charity that has come into existence because of the desire to help a group of children brought to our attention as the result of a trip to Africa.

God's Little Ones, is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. We are not paid a salary and all expenses of the organization, are paid for out of our personal funds. All officers in the organization are volunteers and there are no salaries of any kind given to anyone. One of our core values is to be good stewards. All the money we receive goes to the people we are trying to help. We are truly blessed with what God has given us.

All the children we help are living with guardian families in their village who have agreed to take them in. The guardians are too poor to provide for these children. The children walk to the school every day where they are fed 2 meals and given a uniform and shoes. We also send money for the school supplies and to pay teacher salaries. For many of these children the uniforms they are given are the nicest clothes they have ever had. One Christmas we asked if we sent extra money what would they want the most? The answer was heartbreaking. It was unanimously chosen by the guardians and the children that extra food would be best. From that year going forward we always make sure we send extra money for a food distribution. It consists of some sacks of grain and oil but to them it is priceless.

Core Values:

  1. We are Christian.
  2. We are committed to the poor.
  3. We are good stewards of the resources God gives us.

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